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Inside Out: Revisiting Urban Spring Staff Journey


Urban Spring, a fast growing company established in 2015, has been actively building water refill network to help people to reduce the needs of single-use bottle in Hong Kong. While expanding to promote a sustainable urban life style, like many other start up, Urban Spring is also challenged by the needs to catch up their own work process with the fast growth. They also need more guidance for their staff how to handle the front-line and internal, unexpected scenarios.


We leverage design thinking approach to help Urban Spring to refine their product development process and have a better identification of their roles and responsibilities on day-to-day operation.

Different cross department team members were invited to join the co-creation workshop. We guide them to map out their pain points along the customer journey and sales journey. All stakeholders are encouraged to brainstorm ideas to improve the internal process and design tools which can better manage their resources. How can they effectively and efficiently handle the complains from clients or solve the business challenge from short to mid term.

The process designed and aligned from the workshop has been validated by 1 day pilot run to ensure everyone in the team get familiar with the new process, and uncover potential issue along the process.


The high level product development process and supporting tools has been customised for Urban Spring. Some quick changes were also identified and applied to solve the problem from short to mid term

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