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Redesigning the O2O Laundry Service Platform


BONI is an online platform which provide laundry and dry cleaning delivery service. It wasn't long after their initial success, BONI has been challenged by the need to expand their business and keep up with customer needs. To further drive the business growth, they need to review and transform the business model and enhance their service to provide better experience to the users.


CaaS worked with BONI to tackle their challenges including logistics, resource management and financial planning etc. We conducted co-creation session with their co-founders to better understand the work process, identify the staff's pain points and brainstorm what tools (digital or low tech) can be applied to solve their business and operational challenges.

We also helped BONI to rebrand and redesign the APP to provide a better user experience. Before launching the new APP into the market, we conducted usability studies to test the new features with multiple rounds of iteration to ensure our product can truly fulfill the customer expectation.

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The BONI app has been relaunched with new feature to better engage the users, for example, applying latest technology likes Siri Shortcut to further simplify the laundry process. After it is launched, it was named by APP store as one of the “New Apps We Love” and gained much 5 star rating from the customers. Revenue has been tripled for BONI, and it is expected to be further risen up by sixfold

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Redesigning the O2O laundry services Platform



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