Design Thinking in Action


Service Design, User Experience Design


Empower Government to better serve SMEs in Hong Kong


While there are many funding schemes in Hong Kong, how could SMEs know which funding scheme suits them to apply? What are the pain points SMEs have along the application process? How could we track and evaluate the applicants' experience and improve the service accordingly?


We adopt design thinking approach, and start with the empathy work with SMEs. Through interviews and survey, we defined SMEs as different groups based on their business status, and mapped out their journey and unmet needs along the application process of major funding scemes. We co-work with government officers on the needs prioritisation and ideation, and then work with technical partners to bring the ideas to the market. With the exprience trackers we implememnted to the solutions, we review the user feedback and improve the solution accordingly.

What we do

SMEs are at different business status with various business needs, we conduct survey collecting quantitative data from thousands SMEs and one on one interviews with CEOs of representative SMEs to define SMEs into groups and map out their journey and pain points of fund application.

Co-creation workshop is hosted to prioritise user needs and ideas, making sure that we address the user needs with the interest of government and operation team considered, which helps on the buy-in from stakeholders and preparation for the implementation stage.

Design thinking process is iterative, we embed experience trackers to the solution to make sure user feedback and performance data are collected, so that we know the baseline and the experience improvement of each launch, when there is any part not serving well, we will be able to know and tune the solution accordingly.


We are implementing 10+ ideas uplifting the experience of applying a specific funding scheme that:

  • helping SMEs know if the funding scheme suits to apply

  • providing sufficient information to understand the funding sceme, including case studies, application process diagram...

  • providing helps during the application process indluding plan drafting, form filling, progress tracking....

Case Studies