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Defining new product strategy for Shiftcam


Shiftcam, a mobile photography gear company founded in 2017 has continued to gain global recognition in the competitive market. Although they are succeed with their products at the moment, they have been challenged by further expanding their business in different region and continully impressed their customers with new product.


We leverage design thinking methadology to help Shiftcam to understand their client persona and their customer journey with the products and services.

We have conducted both one-on-one interview and focus group to understand customer profile, behaviour and what they treasure when using the photography gear. Do they care the expertise or versatility? Are they using the product for professional picture or social media feed?

Based on the research findings, we can co-create with Shiftcam to brainstorm new ideas. We involve all related parties including sales manager, product designer, engineers to ensure our business concept generated are both user valuable and operational.


We have developed both short term and long term strategy for Shiftcam.

For immediate solution, we develop the marketing strategy for ProGrip, their new product launching in November, helping them to better market their target customers. For the future, we develop strategy for their upcoming product or services which can better support their users to take pictures for their need

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