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Empathise the customer true needs and redefine what to focus in the APP strategy


To redefine Sino’s digital strategy to escalate customer satisfaction to improve end to end experience through a complete customer journey with refined touch points. How can Sino design APP better? How to better understand the user behaviours and the relationship as a resident, shopper and lifestyle habits


We leverage design thinking methadology to understand how they use their mobile to fulfill their lifestyle needs including shopping and dining. We map out the strength and weaknesses of their current APP design, benchmark against competitors and identify what needs to be true for the APPs to be successful. We also consider the overall costing including marketing, user acquisition and maintenance.

We conducted one-to-one user interview to understand the user behaviour and focus group to allow the target users to share their ideas and experience of using an APP so that we can validate some of our early concept. At the same time, we also reviewed Sino's key competitors to understand how they manage their customers expectation and evaluate how Sino can differientate to win the competition.

In our co-creation workshops, we shared the findings from our research and collaborated with internal stakeholders to brainstorm ideas and further develop them into business concept.


We identified Sino's users personas & behaviour distribution, and define the potential growth area & short to mid term strategy and what Sino should focus in their APP strategy in the next few years.

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