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How can we better serve our customers along their travel journey?


Facing the changing tourism trend and competition around the greater bay area, Ocean Park Hong Kong, a collective memory of Hong Kong for over 40 years, has not stopped by the fame they have and wants to further increase the customer satisfaction to keep their customers coming back. Ocean Park Hong Kong has asked CaaS to be part of the team to help to build out the customer experience strategy and leverage the mobile solution to enahnce the customer's travel experience.


We captured the missing opportunities by empathising the customer needs and expectation along their travel journey. To further differientiate from the competitors, a more personalised experience should be designed and an on-the-go services should be provided across omni-channels to offer flexibility and convenience to the customers.

What we do

CaaS has followed 12 groups of families and young adults from Hong Kong and Mainland for 1 day visit inside the park. We are curious what are their pain points and inconvenience, how they experience the park in some real situation.


What criteria do customer care when they plan the trip? Will they have more specific perference if they have kids? When it is in bad weather, will customer prefer indoor activity more?


CaaS has invited the cross team members to a co-creation workshop to go through a series of activity in order to get consensus of the solution. By sharing the user stories from the research, we helped the teams to visualise their customer's pain points and encourage them to brainstorm ideas which are technically and operationally feasible.


With the concepts in hand, we has defined all the user scenarios to ensure the customer's needs are addressed and the mobile experience can be end-to-end throughout the whole journey.


CaaS designed the Ocean Park mini-program and APP which provides users with handy access to park and promotional information, helps users to plan the trip, buy tickets and make reservations anytime, anywhere on their mobile device. More new features will be launched in the future stages


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