About Us

Our Team

We help companies and startup to accelerate their growth with hands-on project assistance. Senior members with a proven expertise in digital industry could be crucial in the early stages of projects, and a trusted partner is often difficult to find or unavailable on the market; CaaS helps filling in the gap to help youur team kickstart the project and also provide training so your team can do it themselves eventually if you wish.

Our Expertise

Our CaaS team will help put out fires for burning issues that may be impeding your progress, including advising on turnaround solutions when a project doesn't go so well. We providing benchmark evaluation of your digital service, and provide co-create solutions with your team base on your businness goals and needs.

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Mobile App Design strategy

It is important to look at data (DAU, MAU, funnel...) and conduct AB Testing to help evaluate customer satisfaction of your idea. When developing new services, it is important to understand why your customers keep coming back. We apply ethnography and social science approach to help understand why your customer like your service, or stop using it. It is important to review both quantitative and qualitative data.

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Digital experience success benchmarks with your Business growth

It is commonly mistaken that an App can be launched and sit for an extended period of time and wait for next year round of revamp. We should closely monitor the user behaviours and upgrade the digital service base on your business strategy. CaaS help clients to set up teams and process to support your business growth

Working with you as one team

Our team is formed by experienced senior executive in innovation design industry(ex-Fjord/ Accenture, Yahoo!, Tencent, Microsoft, Douban ...) have successfully launched digital products in Hong Kong, China and global markets. We help our clients to shape new business opportunies through iterative validation with real customer, allow quick turn arounds to ensure success in digital strategy.