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Understand what our user DO, THINK, SAY AND FEEL

When designing new products and services, it is important to understand user needs and expectation. We leverage various research methods to look at the what people say about the product, how they feel about the services, and what drives their buying decisions.


Customise research to help clients solve complex business problems

We apply various research methodologies to help us better understand our users. We review the usages data of the product and servies, conduct interviews to underatand why they do what they do, and also leverage ehtonography methods like shadowing to observe their behaviour.  We custom design co-creation tools to help participant share their thoughts and their ideal experience with us. 

What we do

Identify the user pain points and business needs from business stakeholders

Synthesize data to help understand the user segments and how they are different

Mapping out the AS-IS customer journey:

pain points of today's users

Uncover insights and identify the opportunity for the product or service

Case Studies


How can we better serve our customer along their travel journey?

Ocean Park Hong Kong


Empathise the customer true needs and redefine what to focus in the APP strategy

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