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Our Services


Focus on multiple digital touchpoint and design a seamless experience

We design the interaction over multiple digital touchpoint to enable the user to achieve their goal and the experience can be end-to-end. When designing the digital solution, we ensure that it is customised in what our target user want and every element on the screen are matters to provide a seamless and relevant experience to the user.


Utilising user scenario to leverage the User experience design

We define scenarios to understand how a user might act to achieve the goal and then create the list of related tasks. Designing the UXUI based on scenarios can make sure all the user needs can be addressed. We also share the scenarios with the development team to let them using this as a tool to cross check the features implemented has been following the user journey defined.

What we do

Create wireframe and interactive prototype as a tool to communicate the concept and get feedback from stakeholders

Validate the design concept through user testing with potential user

Undergo multiple rounds of design iteration based on user feedback before launching to the market

We have a good understanding of technology to make sure what we design will be applicable

Case Studies


Redesigning the O2O laundry services Platform



How can we better serve our customer along their travel journey?

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