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CaaS is a boutique consulting firm with a difference 

With our knowledge and network of experienced senior executives, we help companies and startup communities to accelerate their growth with hands-on project assistance early on.

Senior members with a proven expertise in your industry could be crucial in the early stages of a new project, but a trusted partnership is often difficult to find or unavailable on the market. We help fill in the gap where your company may need the necessary guidance to help you on your journey.

Our Expertise

Some of the areas we cover include Design Research, Service Design, User Experience, Product Design, Business Design, Digital Marketing, and Design Thinking. We are also able to take up responsibilities for roles such as CXO, CMO or even CEO to support startups who require strong leadership in the early stages of the business.

Our CaaS team will help put out fires for burning issues that may be impeding your progress, including redefining the business direction, product development, identifying monetization models, and Go-to-Market planning.

Working with you as ONE team

We will help you to build your capabilities and coach your leaders until they are ready to step out on their own. We have a range of services, including our startup service (from 1 to 10 days), design thinking consultation, service design projects, or long-term partnership programs. For further details about the full range of our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Service Design

Design your company to provide the services your customers will love

Traditional UX and UI Design approaches and methodologies are no longer meeting the needs of today's market, where O2O (online to offline) services are now an essential part of our everyday lives. When we design services, we ensure that they are end-to-end, and that the quality is meeting your customer’s expectations. More importantly, we look at how your company can bring its vision to reality, ensuring that frontline staff can deliver the desired level of quality service you have committed to. We have extensive experience in helping clients in everything from crafting their digital experience strategy to detailing a product launch. Reach out to us and see how we can help today.


Co-Founder-in-Residence Program

We understand that as a founder of a young company, more often than not you will find yourself wearing multiple hats to fill in the gaps – switching non-stop between business, product and customer service to even coffee making. With the success of your start-up hinging on your ability to balance the wheel and keep it turning, it can be overwhelming and potentially detrimental to the health of your business.

Not every start-up will have the luxury of having their co-founders taking charge of crucial functional roles and, without the right support in place from experienced partners, the company could be at risk of failing even before it has the chance to get off the ground.

With our Co-Founders-in-Residence services, relevant experts in the field with proven track records are available to help you do what it takes to build a successful business.

6 or 12 months commitment

Area of Expertise


Co-Founders-in-Residence will work with you for 6 or 12 months, according to our initial assessment. They will be responsible for the pre-defined functions and deliverables.

Our Co-Founders-in-Residence programme covers the realms of Service Design, Product Management, User Experience, Research, Analytics, Business Development, and Sales. We will assign the industry experts according to your needs.

We charge for each Co-Founder-in-Residence according to our assessment and scope of business. In some cases, we may consider equity as part of the compensation.

​Startup Services

Our goal is to help start-ups to reassess and reset, build on their capabilities and grow their teams until they are ready to continue on their own. We offer a wide range of products and services for the start-up community that can be tailored to your company’s needs. Contact us today to see if our special start-up program is right for you.


We assess the root causes behind any business health issues and help identify what are the top challenges for the company to become a viable business.


Have a business idea? We can help you turn it into a fully fledged business plan, validate the concept and estimate the costs of development.


Is your service able to meet current customer expectations? Our Product and Design experts will conduct a comprehensive UX assessment of your product to help identify key issues to be improved.


Too many issues and not sure what to fix first? We can help you quickly identify core issues and develop a product  plan.


Wondering how to attract more people to download your app? We can help identify who your target audience should be and grow your user base.


A product with great potential needs a solid pitch deck. We can help your structure yours for a better chance of landing an opportunity with prospective investors.


How well do you know your market position? Do you know who are your direct and potential competitors? We help review the market strength of your services, and how you could better position yourselves to better service your clients.


Need help with financial planning and business projection? We can help you prepare for the VC Pitch even if you have no financial background.


No idea where to begin when it comes to crafting your pitch to VCs? Contact us for help to get your presentation off to the right start.


We provide expert feedback on investor pitches to help you finetune your presentation skills and professional presence.


Is your start-up growth slowing down? Are there gaps in your team’s skill set or lack of experience in specific industry functions? Or do you wish to gain more industry exposure and grow your network? Our advisory board can help provide the right direction and connections.



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